GET 20 Pounds Down!

With Dr. Z

Are you frustrated by your “never ending” weight loss journey?

Do you eat and eat, yet still feel hungry and empty inside?

Have you tried everything but still haven’t lost the weight? 

I've been there...

I see you, and it isn’t your fault. 

The foods you eat are often tied to thoughts and feelings that you have. Also, certain foods may trigger food memories!

This can create a negative loop of eating because you feel bad, but then feeling worse because you overate. 

Are you ready to break this cycle and get 30 pounds down using a sustainable weight loss approach that focuses on YOU, YOUR unique feelings, and YOUR unique body?

Introducing: Dr. Z's

12 Weeks to 20 Pounds Down Weight Loss Program

Here is a breakdown of what you will get during the 12-week program:

Week #1 - #2: Motivation

Why is weight loss important to you now? What would it mean if this were the year you met those goals? What would 30 pounds down mean to you?

Week #3 - #4: Creating a Food Plan

Create a food plan you love. What foods to include or avoid for long-term success? How to incorporate “treats” into your plans. What foods to include that reduce cravings and promote long-term results.

Week #5 - #6: Managing Feelings and Cravings

Dealing with urges -- How to manage urges? What does it mean to give in, resist, avoid, or allow an urge?

Week #7 - #8: Hormones

Insulin / Leptin / Ghrelin. How your hormones can hinder weight loss. Why you crave certain foods? How to get your hormones working for you not against you.

Week #9 - #10: Obstacles

Life Stressors, travel, holidays -- how they affect weight loss. Staying away from the dessert table at the birthday party. How to have "just one."

Week #11 - #12: Commitment

Commitment. Making 30 pounds down a permanent reality.

What You Get:

If you stick with the program, you will lose weight.

Individual results vary, but within the span of 12-weeks, you could expect to lose 14 - 20 pounds. I lost my own 30 pounds within four months.

You will learn how your mindset, beliefs, and thoughts create emotions that drive actions that either serve you or stall you.

You will have a coach holding you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself.

You will have weekly one-on-one coaching sessions to help you stay focused along the way.

How Am I Different?

You’ve “tried it all” and are probably feeling somewhat discouraged by now. Other programs preach sustainable weight loss, but when life gets in the way it’s so easy to fall off track. 

I’m different because I take a holistic approach to weight loss - focusing on understanding the cause of overeating and pairing it with nutritional know-how you need to achieve sustainable results. 

I am also an MD, which gives me a unique understanding of the body and how food affects our mood and cravings. 

But the real reason I am able to deliver lasting results is that I have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to feel desperate about food and weight loss.

I also know how amazing it feels to finally get it right and find your “forever plan”. I know how freeing it feels to shed that weight and put an end to the diet-binge cycle.

I want you to feel just as amazing and confident in your own skin. This is why I am passionate about helping others succeed in achieving sustainable weight loss. 

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