Why Scarcity Thinking Leads to Weight Gain

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Scarcity thinking isn’t just about a lack of resources; it’s also about not trusting yourself.

When a scarcity mindset takes hold, you don’t trust you.

You don’t trust that you can and will get your needs met — so you hoard stuff.

Hoarding can manifest as clutter in your home, excess weight on your body, and a mind filled with anxious, worried thoughts of things that you DON’T want.

When you don’t have you — that is when you add to.

You try to control yourself, your environment, other people, basically everything, and everyone in your life.

But weight loss begins with trust, with letting go.

It is allowing things to be without it all being about me.

Weight loss is about listening to and trusting the wisdom of your own body.

When you don’t trust your body, this lack of trust leads to decisions made from fear.

And I am pretty sure we all have stories where we decided from a place of fear and the results that were created.

Lack of faith in ourselves often leads to poor decisions around nutrition and health.

Our emotions communicate powerfully to and through the cells in our body.

Scarcity causes you to restrict, constrict, and deprive yourself. This is not freedom around food. This is white-knuckling.

Your relationship with food is your energy around food.

This energy then spills into other areas of your life.

In what other areas of your life are you restricted, constricted, and deprived?

Do you have scarcity around food?

In what other areas of your life is scarcity showing up for you?

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