Who Do You Think You Are

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Why is it that as soon as we decide to make a commitment to live better, lose weight, step out of our comfort zone, or make major changes in our lives or businesses, then it seems as if obstacles begin to appear out of nowhere. Interruptions, problems, and issues seem to come out of the woodwork to derail us.

Perhaps a son or daughter gets sick, we suffer an injury, the boss gives us a new assignment at work, an important deadline comes up, we have to take the dog to the vet… You name it. Blocks to progress appear to our left, right, in front, and in back. There seems to be no end to hindrances, barriers, and obstructions.

And even if none of the above scenarios happen, I find that my biggest obstacle to moving forward in my decision and honoring my commitments to something is myself. My own thoughts and feelings come up and attack me. “What are you doing to us?” They ask. “Why are you changing the program?” “Why are you taking us out of our comfort zone?” Something inside me resists my plans.

  As I create a blog post, write an article, or give a speech; I have to confront thoughts like “who do you think you are?” “Are you an expert in this area?” “Isn’t there someone more qualified than you who should be giving this presentation?”

Well, truth be told, there probably is someone better qualified to give the information I wish to share. Likely there is a highly paid and sought after expert somewhere to teach on a particular subject. But what if my audience needs to hear this information right now. Will it help them at this very moment to book an expert for three to six months in advance? Will the expert or guru need that big check before they will come and speak to my community? What if my community is willing and eager to hear it from me?

This year, I lost 30 pounds while working with a weight loss coach. She is not a doctor with multiple degrees behind her name. No. She is a life coach. But the way she presented the information resonated with me and motivated me to make the changes that I needed to  make in my life. In fact, I began to lose weight just by listening to her Podcast. It felt effortless. 

There are so many experts in the field of weight loss, yet we as a society are bigger and heavier than in past generations. Over 60% of the United States adult population is overweight or obese. If you are normal weight, you are in the minority! Yet weight loss is a billion dollar industry. So we need more people spreading information that actually helps people reach the goals they are desire.

What if the way I delivered the information, the package in which I wrapped it up, and the vision and story I used to present was exactly what my people needed to to hear?  What if I just managed to free myself from the preconceived roles I think I should play?  What if I just let go of the person I believe myself to be and the expectations I have of who I am supposed to be, and I just learn how to be myself? What if I am exactly in the right position where I am supposed to be to share my information with people who are eager to hear it? What if I just accepted and believed that? You know what? It feels pretty awesome.

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