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I have been thinking about my recent blog post titled “Sharpen the Knife.”

I wonder how often I put something out into the world that may be unclear, poorly written, or just overall causes confusion.

I remember when I was in a summer program during high school. We were a group of about six girls and six boys, getting used to living together in the shared university dorm where the program was held.

Within the span of perhaps a week, there arose a general spirit of anger and tension within the small group of us girls.

I thought everyone loved me, so I attempted to mediate the group to discover the source of tension.

You can imagine my shock when one of the girls confessed that something I had said deeply offended her. I didn’t even remember saying it. Plus, she didn’t indicate the offense at the time I said it. What was I missing? Yet there she was telling me that I hurt her deeply.

What if I had sharpened the knife ahead of time?

Now it is doubtful this would have happened when I was only sixteen, but I can certainly exercise that idea now. What if you took a moment to ask yourself how you could make your message clearer, simpler, or more straightforward?

Is it possible to clarify the message so there is no room for confusion or ambiguity?

The next time you prepare to have an important talk with your spouse, child, co-worker, etc., stop and look at it from the point of view of the person who will receive your message.

  • Where is their focus?
  • What is their priority?
  • What if you crafted your message from that vantage point?
  • How would it change what you said, how you said it, or why you said it?

When you prepare to chop down a tree, use those first moments to sharpen your ax, then examine the tree from many different points of view.

How will this approach make you more proficient, efficient, and graceful when completing the task?

If you would love to brainstorm different ways to sharpen the impact, depth, and strength of your message, then feel free to private message so that we may explore the various opportunities available to you.

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