When It is Finally Yours

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A poem about Frederick Douglass by Robert Hayden starts with the line:
“When it is finally ours…”

The poem is about freedom and liberty.
But also about opportunity, flexibility, privilege, and abandon.

What other words describe the freedom that you seek? What does freedom even mean to you?
Hayden’s poem describes liberty as a beautiful, terrible, and needful thing.
It is as necessary as air, usable as earth.
It is instinct, brain matter, heartbeat.
My clients want to move past their fears and doubts.

What do you want?
What do you need? What is beautiful and terrible about your life at this moment?
What does freedom cost?
What is lack of freedom costing you?
My clients want to stop worrying and start enjoying the life they create.

My clients want to run through the forest naked and go skinny dipping.
They want to be free from their obsession with food.

What will it cost you to be free? What is beautiful and needful for you?

I desire a world where no one is lonely and no one is a stranger.
My clients want hope in the midst of their weight loss despair.
They want to have fun.
They want to renew their vital energy.

What do you want?
What is keeping you from freedom? When you are ready, we can travel this new journey together.
You do not have to go it alone.

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