What the bodies on my table have told me…

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For the past ten years, I have worked as a forensic pathologist.

I watched and listened to many bodies that came across my autopsy table. I “heard” them calling from the inside and out. 

These deceased bodies told me a lot! More than I often cared to know.

But you know what I heard from them most often? They told me that they were tired.

They were tired of not being seen. 

They were tired of being invisible. They were tired of neglect, indifference, scorn, and hatred.  They were tired of the abuse that life threw their way. 

And they wanted more.

Are you tired?

Tired of the same old dull weight loss plans that don’t get you results? 

Have you just about had enough of the annoying rants about “eat less,” “exercise more,” “hate your body,” “love your body,” blah, blah, blah?

What is your body telling you? Are you listening?

Well, guess what? I am.

I hear your body calling.

Your body wants more. 

Your body demands more.

Your body deserves more.

Maybe you have given up on your body. But you know what? 

Your body has not given up on you. 

I keep thinking about the death of Chadwick Boseman.

So many people praise his courage, focus, dedication, and strength as he continued to work while undergoing cancer treatments, including multiple surgeries.

Yet, his death shook us to the core. I, too, admire his strength. He was a symbol of the achievement possible to those who are not afraid to sacrifice body, mind, and soul in pursuit of their dreams.

But was that his dream? To die at 43 years of age from cancer? Why did he keep his disease hidden? How would we have looked at him if we had known?

I cannot help wondering about his body thoughts.

Was his body calling? Just one more, one more red carpet, one more movie, one more. But the body was calling until it wasn’t. 

I know bodies. I have looked at bodies from the inside and out.

Your body’s calling.

Are you listening?

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