What Gets Measured Gets Managed

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When coaching clients, I often remind them of this quote, “what gets measured gets managed.” This quote is equally helpful for me as I continuously work to maintain weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I adjusted it slightly to include “what gets measured (and monitored) gets managed.”

The quote is attributed to economist and management expert Peter Drucker and highlights the importance of measurement (and monitoring) to achieve goals.

Many weight loss clients do not like the idea of weighing themselves daily. But I find it tremendously helpful to track my weight and monitor my daily food intake with a food journal. I also monitor my emotions regularly.

Having tracked my weight over the years, I notice stretches where different life changes, travel, or stressors have impacted my weight, sometimes over several months.

This tracking allows me to spot spurious higher-weight numbers that often relate to the food I ate the day before.

For instance, I often notice an increase in weight immediately after eating at a restaurant. Restaurants often use spices and sauces with higher salt content than the foods I prepare at home. This increase in salt often leads to increased thirst and drinking, and I end up two to three pounds heavier the next day.

Additionally, if I spot an upward trend in my weight, I track it back to some new food that I may have introduced into my diet or the reintroduction of something that I had removed before, likely because it caused weight gain.

Measuring my weight daily, tracking what I eat every day, and paying attention to my moods has kept my weight relatively stable for the past six years.

Stepping on the scale is relatively neutral (for the most part 😊) because I have weighed daily for years. I am familiar with the fluctuations, and they no longer take me by surprise. I spot the trends sooner and change course if necessary to maintain weight.

Keeping the quote “what gets measured gets managed” foremost in my mind lets me focus on my goals to continue my journey and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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