Using Your Why to Motivate Weight Loss Success

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What are your reasons for losing weight? Are you losing weight because you want to be healthy? Maybe so you can have more stamina to play with your kids. 

Perhaps you think, if you lost weight and got healthy, you could live longer and have the opportunity to watch your kids grow up, get married, and enjoy grandchildren?

These are all important and fine reasons to lose weight. For others, the simple desire to look great in a pair of jeans is enough.  Don’t we all love the beautiful models we see in the magazines? We all want to be seen and admired for our beauty.

Or do we? It is a question. Rosalyn Gay in her book “Hunger,” when she lost weight stated “when I look in the mirror, I see no difference — none at all. No one, save for a couple people, has openly acknowledged any weight loss, if they’ve even noticed, which is a relief and a frustration and a reminder of just how much weight I have to lose. I don’t want any weight loss to be acknowledged (or, worse, celebrated), but I also very much do.”

That is the dichotomy. We want to lose weight for ourselves. Yet we also do it for others. What really matters is that we have a big enough why. 

Your reason to lose weight has to be epic. 

We may be creating habits, discovering new thoughts, or designing new models of behavior that will go against everything we have ever thought or believed. 

Our bodies may rebel when we cut out sugar and flour. Our stomach may scream at us to feed it when it isn’t time to eat. 

What about Aunt Becky who loved it when we stuffed our faces with her delicious peach cobbler.  Imagine the sad look on her face when we have to say no, even to a second helping. Or imagine the horror when she catches us passing a few bites to the dog?

Our why has to carry us to the gym every day or withstand treats at work. But what about the Aunt Beckys or Uncle Jims in our lives who love having a “buddy” to eat and drink wth? Will you be able to turn away family?

Before you embark on this weight loss journey, take a moment to ask yourself, why. Why do you want to lose weight? For yourself? Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes? 

Your reasons are your reasons. No one can judge you for that. Just be true to it. And prepare yourself for resistance.

Walk and live from the place of your values. Wanting to be a good example to your kids and family, making healthy food selections, exercising regularly are all very important. 

Practice honoring yourself and respecting your values. You will then train others how to treat you.

Educate your environment so that it works for you. You will notice that obstacles and challenges quickly become distant memory as straight paths begin to appear before your feet. 

If you would like help cultivating an environment that serves you, message me and see how we can design a course that will get you where you desire to go.

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