Using Micro-rewards for Weight Loss

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Are you someone who likes to plan and finds comfort in having a set schedule for yourself and your family? Do you notice that things around your household run more smoothly when everybody has a plan?

I get it.

I, too, prefer having a schedule. I function better when I have an agenda. I stick to my food plan much better during the week when I have a set schedule for work than during the weekend when it often feels like a free-for-all.

Many of my clients are high-achieving women who carry a lot of responsibilities at home and work and must manage their time efficiently.

They maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Yet, in the evenings, when the pressures of the day are less, their number one thought is having an evening snack.

Often this desire for a snack or a treat at the end of the day is not even driven by hunger. I recognize a similar pattern myself. I won’t consider eating when I am completely engrossed in an activity for work. Yet as soon as I finish, I want to eat.

Often what I feel is something other than hunger. Sometimes, I simply want a reward for a job well done. I completed my day, and nobody died.

Circling back to having a plan, I have begun implementing scheduled rewards for myself.

Since I usually don’t get excited about rewards, I had to think about this. I know that I love books, and I love listening to audiobooks. So my reward at the end of the day, on my drive home, is listening to an audiobook.

And for my weekends, I look forward to my walks around the neighborhood because (drumroll) — I listen to audiobooks while walking.

This activity incorporates another efficiency hack that I enjoy: integrating different aspects of my life into one. I will write a post on that at a later date.

So if you want to discuss your values and how to incorporate them into your weight loss goals, feel free to contact me at:

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