To Reveal the You That Nobody Knows: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

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As you think about what you have accomplished so far in 2019 and what you still have yet to do, it is important to consider your strengths. Don’t just think of it as bragging, but look at it through the eyes of gratitude.

Are you a great mom who enjoys reading to her kids every night? Think about how wonderful it is that your kids and husband have the opportunity to hear your lovely voice.  Imagine how blessed they are by your presence.

Are you a great writer? Think about all the people who are uplifted or encouraged by your words. Words are powerful. They have the ability to stir emotions or calm a raging tempest. Think of the encouraging words of the great orator Sir Winston Churchill who inspired the British to stand firm against the rising tide of Nazism during the Second World War.

Are you physically strong or a personal trainer? Think of all the people you are able to help and inspire to health and strength. Even on the “About” page of my website, I consider all the people I help by clarifying and explaining when, how, and why someone died? Was it murder? Someone may likely going to jail or prison. Was it natural? Maybe there was a hidden genetic abnormality I helped to unmask. It may benefit the family to know who else is at risk and make changes while they are still alive. It may benefit the family to know what may need to be avoided. This knowledge could span multiple generations.

There is so much that we can share with the world. We are all gifted in many diverse ways. Yet too often, we hide our gifts from the world. We are afraid to speak up in situations where we can make a difference. We hide our art behind the fear and shame of “who is watching and what will they think?” What if we thought about that ONE person who will benefit when we share our message, our struggle, our pain, or our experience. 

I am encouraged by all of the plus-sized fashion bloggers who are bringing their colorful style, fashion, and make-up ideas to a hungry and starving world that believes that only 90 pound waifs are allowed to grace the covers of magazines. We are all beautiful works of art. Our bodies are amazing and we are unique in our own individual ways. Why not heed the call to inspire and encourage those who are looking for you, waiting for you, or dying to meet you? 

If you need help revealing the you that nobody knows, message me and we can work together to design a strategy that will put you on track to get you where you need to be.

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