The Level Where You Play

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Is the level where you play, the level where you stay?

The poet Robert Frost has a short poem titled “It Bids Pretty Fair” where he describes a play or performance with an “almost infinite run.” Does it seem like he is talking about life? Often it may feel like you have all the time in the world.

I like the play analogy because it makes me think of planet Earth — the grand platform upon which we play the game of life.

But the poem goes on to state “the only thing I worry about is the sun. We’ll be all right if nothing goes wrong with the lighting.”

Some of us are very concerned about lighting. How many days do you actually have left? Do you ever know? Many people who arrived on my autopsy table never imagined that was their last day.

Times now are certainly uncertain.

In uncertain times, you cling to that which is certain.

Is your certainty centered around the way things used to be? Does doing things the same way that your mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother did bring you a sense of certainty?
Is relying on the safety of the way things were in the past still working for you? You just never know what you don’t know.  They call this a blind spot.

The Life Wheel is a tool that I use with many of my coaching clients to rank where they are and in which areas of their life that they wish to improve. The scale goes from 1 (needs improvement) to 10 (thriving).

Why this is helpful is that sometimes you might imagine that you are at a 7 and feel pretty confident about your life. But when you really sit down and think about it, you are actually at a 2.

Maybe you have been doing things the way your mother and grandmother did and it worked for them in the past. But as you apply it to your life, you realize it doesn’t work at all.

Maybe it got them to a 5 on their life wheel. But you are shooting for a 10. What would it take to get you there?

Maybe it’s time to create your own path.  With another day of sunshine, how will you direct your lighting?

When you are ready to emerge and play to a different level, you know what to do:

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