Can Pre-Diabetes be Reversed? Clearing the Clutter…

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I like to think of clutter as those extra pounds that many of us carry around on our bodies. Not only may this extra weight hurt our back and joints, but it can also affect our self-image and self-esteem. Obesity is a risk factor for depression.

But for some of us, being overweight is a precursor to diabetes.

Pre-diabetes does not have to progress to diabetes. I was on that same trajectory towards diabetes. It runs in my family. But I took measures to stop that progression. I changed my eating habits. I cut out the muffins, sugary breakfast cereals, sodas, and the coffee lattes. It was a bit of a challenge. But my health was more important. I made up my mind and decided that I was a person who did not do those things anymore.

In pre-diabetes, your body is showing signs of not being able to manage your blood sugar.

The sugar (glucose) in your blood rises, but your cells become less and less able to “see” it and process it.

Isn’t that a lot like clutter?

We have many items around the house. Yet when we need something, we cannot find it. We expend energy, time, and effort looking for it. Then in frustration, we go out and buy more.

Our body does the same thing with sugar. The cells cannot utilize all that sugar. They become resistant to it. Our body releases more and more insulin, but the cells become resistant to that, too.

Additionally, we get hungrier and hungrier, eating more and more, while our blood sugar continues to rise.

We get caught in a vicious cycle.

Soon, like cluttered houses, the body has no place to store all that sugar, and pre-diabetes becomes diabetes.

Yet we are still hungry.

Are you still hungry for something more than what you already possess? These are just some of the issues that I talk about with my coaching clients.

There is debate about whether diabetes is reversible. But pre-diabetes? I know it’s reversible because I’ve done it myself.

Contact me to see how working with me might help you reverse it, too.

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