Journey Along the Path to Greatness

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Many people are turned off by the mundane, common, or unimaginative activities of everyday life. They easily tire of going to sleep at the same time every night, cleaning their house on a regular basis, or even staying married to the same partner year after year.

In fact, many times, the reason people seek the service of a coach is that they want to know how they can escape the mundane, banal, and commonalities of their lives.

They want the coach to show them how to be happy. They want to crack the code to an abundant life.

But what if I told you that the path to a fabulous and extraordinary life is reached directly by doing the mundane, ordinary, and seemingly boring things of life?

Reaching our goals is not really hard, but it often requires discipline. Some people don’t like the word discipline, so I will use the word “choice.” Many times we fail to reach our goals because we simply quit, or rather, make the choice to quit.

We stop when staying the course starts to feel too hard or doing the mundane becomes too boring. We start to feel as though we are missing out on something…….fabulous.

I remember when I was in medical school. I would often feel deprived when I was “stuck” in the library studying while other students were hanging out on lake Mendota eating, drinking, sailing, and just simply having a good time.

Why was I sitting inside during those few superb summer days in Madison? Or even while on my food protocol, I would watch my husband go for frozen custard and eat a banana split or turtle sundae right in front of me.

I would constantly have to remind myself that it was a choice I was making to stay the course, because getting to my desired weight was more interesting and fascinating to me than woofing down a mouthful of bananas, ice cream, or chocolate.

Reaching our goals requires us to do things that are uncomfortable and then to continue doing them. We will eventually win, but we have to stay the course. So let us find the beauty, wisdom, and opulence in the mundane, common, and everyday actives that lead us along our path to greatness. And contact me if you would like some help sticking to your chosen path.

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