Is it about the goal, or the person you become to achieve the goal?

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We talk a lot about goals and the importance of setting and hitting goals. I do not argue with that at all.

But more important than hitting goals, is the person you become in the process. When I found life coaching, I was looking for more. I wanted a better life. Now don’t get me wrong. I had a great life already. I am happily married and I had a well-paying and interesting job. But I just felt like there was more out there for me.

When I found my mentor coach, I began listening to her podcast, and she gave some tips and ideas on weight loss and after 4 months, I had lost 30 pounds. But I had also become a different person. There was an external transformation, yes, but what enabled me to maintain the weight loss and even more was the internal transformation. I became more.

Many people discover weight loss seek control. They want to control food, circumstances, people, the weather, etc. But all of that is on the outside. Those are the very things that you cannot control. But what is driving that need to control?

It is the storm that is raging on the inside.

That is the place to start. Right in the midst of that storm.

Through coaching, I embraced the storm, became the storm, and then released the storm.

I learned how to create calm and become that refuge for myself.

I can show you how.

As a weight loss coach, I have seen too many people hit goals for the sake of hitting a goal. They get down to a certain size, by any means necessary, to win a jackpot at the end. Speaking of which, I have a Weight Release Challenge starting next week and you have the chance to win $500 in the end. Click the link to sign up. 🙂 

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