How to Use Urges and Cravings for Growth

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During my coach training, I learned about a tool called the List of 100 Allowed Urges. I discussed it during one of my sessions of Path to Joy — A Habit Change Workshop. If you are interested in joining one of our remaining sessions, feel free to click here.

When you have an urge or craving, you have a strong desire for or a want for something.

Some urges or cravings are so strong that you feel you will die if you don’t get the thing you are craving.

But just because an urge is there does not mean that you have to give in to it.

You can simply allow the urge to be there and get curious.

Where do you feel it in your body? What are the sensations that arise because of the urge? What information is the desire sending you? What new insight does it reveal to you about you?

Urges are feelings. They are vibrations within your body caused by your thoughts. They are not good or bad. They just are.

You do not need to fight with an urge or even wish it were not there.

So with this list of 100 Allowed Urges, you write down each urge that you allow. You do not give into it and you do not fight it. You simply write down what you are receiving from it.

This exercise works great when you do not give in to an urge. But you can also learn a lot about the urges or cravings that you do give into. I like to create a separate list for those. You really can learn as much from the urges you give into as the ones that you simply allow.

What are your top urges or cravings?

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