How could weight loss challenges actually work in your favor?

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How could your biggest weight loss challenges work in your favor? How could your weight journey be an opportunity in disguise?

We talk so much about resilience, deprivation, and starvation. Things may seem especially challenging during this time of COVID-19. But how could this be the best time to look for doors of opportunity that this current situation creates for you?

When I lost weight almost three years ago, I wasn’t particularly excited about it.

I had grown accustomed to my lattes and mid-morning and mid-afternoon treats and snacks. When I heard no sugar and no flour, I thought I would die. It seemed like life was not worth living without these fun bursts of entertainment.

But at that time, I began listening to the podcast of my mentor/coach. She said things in the podcast that I had never heard before. I heard how it was up to me to see the number I wanted on the weight scale. My desire (feelings) would fuel the actions necessary to reach my goals.  I only needed to focus that energy to create the life I wanted. 

After I reached that number on the weight scale, I began using the very same practice to become a Life and Weight Loss Coach. Coaching strengthened my belief that I create the life of my dreams. That vision does not have to be somewhere out there in the future. I create it in the here and now with my thoughts. 

What talents, skills, and abilities do you already possess that compel you to become a better version of yourself right now?

When I say that weight loss was the first step in my transformation journey, that means that many more transformations are yet developing. I owe it to myself to continue to pursue the excitement that awaits me.

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