Getting Rid of Weight Scale Drama

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Did you know that what you weigh when you step on the scale is simply a circumstance?

Circumstances are things in the world that are factual and beyond our control. Although we take actions that affect our weight, when you stand on the scale, the number should be viewed as neutral because we cannot change it right at that moment.

Circumstances can also include people’s behavior, the past, the economy, or any other number of factors.

Many people believe that their feelings, actions, and results are directly caused by circumstances.

This is not the case. If it were, it would mean that our emotions are caused by things that we cannot control. This leaves us powerless to change.

Circumstances do not affect us until they reach our mind.

For instance, when someone dies, we don’t feel grief until we find out they have died. Similarly, we may be feeling happy and satisfied until we step on the scale and see the number (a neutral fact); and this triggers a thought.

Then the drama begins:

     ✗ “Oh I hate stepping on the scale.”

     ✗ “I think the scale is broken”

     ✗ “I am such a ____ for eating that piece of cake.”

     ✗ “I feel like a _____.

We perhaps did not even think these thoughts until we stepped on the scale. 

And in a similar vein, if the scale is going down, then we have thoughts about that:

      “Oh, I am so happy because I weigh one pound less today!”

      “Oh, this starvation diet is really working for me!”

The number on the scale only represents one thing: information.

If it is trending upward, we may need to change what we are eating, when we are eating, or how much we eating. If it is going in the opposite direction, then maybe we continue what we are doing, or tighten it up as we see fit.

No drama. No emotional backlash. No beating ourselves up. This is the equivalent of allowing the transformation to take place as it should without forcing ourselves into a particular emotional state, ie despair or turmoil.

Any drama that comes up after we step on the scale is because of our own thoughts.

These thoughts are triggered by a neutral circumstance (the number). When we can get to the place of believing that the number is neutral and that it does not mean that we are bad or good because of it, then it’s just math. We can lose weight without it meaning anything more to or about us than an indicator of where we are right now.

Anything more than that is drama.

Here’s a video I shot recently to reinforce these ideas:

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