Get off the Hamster Wheel

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Life coaching helped me get off the hamster wheel.

I know.

Many people would not have seen my wheel. I had a house, a well-paying job, a loving family.

I traveled. I was a well-respected member of my community.

But I was on the wheel.

Then I got off it.

Once off the wheel, I realized space.

Within the space is opportunity.

You can evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

You can run through the forest naked.

You can go skinny dipping.

You can begin to visualize the next steps along your path.

Strategize the obstacles.

And finally, let actions take flight and implement your strategy.

Create your life.

Often life seems confusing.

There is no guidebook to show the clear path.

But that is by design.

So that you recognize the space and make it your own.

Get off the wheel.

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