Do diets leave you feeling run-down or deprived?

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Sadly, when thinking about going on a diet, many people just focus on feeling deprived. With a focus on this negative feeling, it is not surprising why so many people quit their diets. They are not able to “see” the benefits that weight loss brings.

Here is a link to a recent article I wrote The synergy in obesity and cancer. My client was equally focused on the negative emotions associated with exercise. But with a simple reframe, exercise took on a whole different meaning.

Nobody enjoys feeling deprived.

My clients want and deserve an abundant life full of wonder, delight, and maybe a little adventure. As high achievers, energy flows within and through your body like a wildfire. You likely hate stagnation, barriers, and obstacles. You hate feeling like you are missing out. You have worked hard and you want to see the results in all of your efforts.

Hey, I get it. I studied hard to get where I am. I did not expect that life would be a cakewalk. But it has been interesting to watch my life unfold. I had a great job. But I wanted more. I wanted a different kind of life. So I became a different kind of life coach. A vital life coach. I picked vital, because body weight is the fifth vital sign.

I wanted a different kind of life.

I worked with dead bodies, but dead bodies get buried for a reason. Dead bodies show the past. You cannot carry them into the future. Whatever baggage from your past is holding you back, isn’t it time to set that aside so that you can freely run the race that is set before you?

Life is not an unending day at the beach. You have to work. But you also want to work. Your body calls for expression and that is your work. So what are you doing to channel that energy that courses through you. Are you going to let it continue to run mismanaged, misdirected, and creating all kinds of havoc.

Or do you want to channel that energy into growth in time, physical vitality, creativity, money, and enjoyment?

A different life is available to you. A vital life. What can you learn from a coach who transitioned from death into life? Come and see.

You get to decide – click here to book a free weight loss strategy session with Dr. Z.

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