Create a Game Worth Playing

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Often when I face obstacles in my life, weight loss goals, projects at work, etc. I remember to ask myself: how can I make this into a fun game? How can I make this into my own game worth playing?

In his book, The Game of Work, Charles Coonradt describes how so often, we complain about putting in extra effort at work, yet we savor and brag about the incredible feats and stresses that we put our bodies through to win at a game with friends.

I remember once diving for a pop fly in softball. I got up with grass stains all over my clothes and soreness in my back, but it didn’t matter, because I caught the ball 😊

As long as there is a field, players, a goal, a timer, and a set of rules — we’re good to go.

We don’t like the hard times and obstacles in life, but put them in a game — oh, it’s on!

If you can allow yourself to see life as a game, you may be able to enjoy it more.

If you think about those peak, blissful experiences in your life, what were you doing? Were you learning something new? Were you being stretched beyond your comfort zone? Were you becoming someone new? A new mom or dad? A wife or husband? You likely anticipated that there would be obstacles along the way, but you did it anyway.

That’s a game worth playing.

You don’t know the outcome — but you are willing to take the ride.

I remember when I first learned how to ride a bicycle. It was challenging at first, but eventually, I learned how to do it, and before long, I was zipping all over the neighborhood.

And when I was learning German. It was brutal. I thought I would never learn to speak. But lo and behold, I went to Germany and found myself talking in German to a woman on the train!

Obstacles can seem alarming at the moment.

But this is because we lack clarity about what is involved and we fear the future.

But if we saw these obstacles as a necessary part of what would happen, we would take them as they come.

It would simply be part of the process.

What if the obstacles meant that you were doing it right?

It would encourage you to keep going.

If you need help to keep going, contact me for a free strategy session.

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