Body Weight: The Fifth Vital Sign

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There is so much focus on the four vital signs: body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Yet when going to your doctor’s appointment, the first thing they check before the OTHER vital signs, is your body weight. It would seem to me that it is pretty important – being underweight or overweight is directly related to changes happening within the body.

Body weight is a strong indicator of vitality. People who are underweight may suffer from malnutrition, heart or respiratory disorders, or cancer.

People who are overweight are at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and other disorders. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and cancer is the second leading cause of death.

Body weight is often a manifestation of a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and even financial health.

Someone who poorly manages what, when, and how much they eat, often mismanages their thoughts, emotions, and finances.

Do you mismanage your time, money, personal vitality, or relationships? Are you overspending on items that you don’t even need? Are you a hoarder? Are you chronically tired because of a poor diet? How does that align with the type of person that you want to be? How does this show up in how you treat others?

All of this comes down to values. Is your body weight a reflection of your values? If you value health, do you pay attention to what you put into your body? If you value knowledge, how much time do you study and learn about nutrition and healthy food? Do you read labels on the foods that you buy? If you value family, are you preparing meals that will keep you and your family healthy and strong?

I challenge you to do an inventory on what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Does your practice align with what you say that you value?

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