Are you lost on your journey? “Get found, Kid!”

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“By identifying as a creative person, accepting the world as your canvas, and manifesting your ideas regularly, you intuitively create the life you truly want for yourself. Yes, playing the piano (or whatever your creative energy), makes you better at life.”
– Chase Jarvis
Many times I hear people who struggle with their weight complain of feeling “invisible.” They are overlooked for photo ops, don’t get invited to various parties and events, or don’t get asked to the prom.

I was not asked to my high school prom. I was overlooked for photo opportunities.

I was often too dark, too African, too tall for something or someone I wanted. But you know what? As a tall, dark-skinned, African-American woman, I often find comfort and safety in obscurity. It is easier to be misread, misunderstood, unclear, and invisible. Because then people leave you alone. They don’t bother you.

But being alone is lonely. Being alone is cold.

Being alone can be dangerous. Being alone can be deadly. There is comfort in secrets. There is comfort in lies. There is comfort in people-pleasing. But there is also cost. What is it costing you to hide? What is it costing you to withdraw?

What is invisible costing you?

I always think about a story in the book All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

“GET FOUND, KID!!” he yells to a kid who hid too well in the game hide-and-seek.
Think of that poor kid who emerges from his hiding place and finds out that he hid too well. The other kids got tired of looking for him and went home.
“Why didn’t they find me?” he asks.
“You hid too good,” I reply.

Are you hiding too good? 

One of my friends shared this saying with me and I love it:
“A closed mouth does not get fed.”
Are ready to explore how to best express your creativity onto your canvas? It starts with valuing who you are and realizing your unique gifts. 
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