Action Steps towards Your Goals

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 How often do you get “stuck at the border” between your dreams and the reality of how you will reach them. Maria Nemeth describes this beautifully in her book Mastering Life’s Energies. She has an entire chapter titled “Trouble at the Border.” The first quote states: “realizing your dreams and ideas in the physical world entails a border crossing.” Typically, crossing this border is uncomfortable and many people turn back because of it.

How often do you set an amazing goal for yourself, then get stuck as your mind freezes trying to figure out how you will reach it.  You decide ahead of time that this or that was unsuccessful in the past and will likely be unsuccessful again, so you do nothing.  I had to fight this exact idea as I evaluated my last months results toward my 2019 “Impossible Goal.”

I have a goal to acquire twenty clients in my coaching business this year. Coming from not having any clients makes any goal seem impossible.

But I do still believe in this “impossible goal,” even if it seems unlikely I will reach it. So you may ask why even set the goal, if it is impossible? 

I have a list of twenty-five action steps I will take each quarter that I suspect will get me closer to my goal. I know I can get the action steps done. I am committed to doing them. What I don’t know is if any of them will be successful.

  When I mentioned my impossible goal to my husband, it made no sense to him.  He could not wrap his head around the concept of an impossible goal. If it were impossible to achieve, then why bother? He is a natural goal-setter. He has been setting and reaching business goals since he started his real estate business about ten years ago.

I had to explain to him that if I know the goal is unreachable, then I won’t have reason to beat myself up if I don’t achieve it. This was odd for him, because he does not beat himself up over missed goals. For him, setting goals is easy, because he does not tie them to negative emotions.  It is the opposite for me. That is why he can freely set goals for himself, and I cannot.

But with this impossible goal, I have committed to twenty-five action steps that I believe will get me where I want to go. I don’t know all the “how’s” or “how to’s.” I don’t know which ones will actually be successful in the long run, but I am willing to honor the action steps. 

I am someone who completes actions that lead to goals. I have demonstrated this in finishing high school, college, medical school, getting a job, etc. I believe I am capable and I know how to finish tasks. Believing in a future result is still difficult for me, but it is getting easier.

Seeing the fruit of my action steps will likely make it easier to believe the goal as I get closer. If you want help achieving your goals and taking action, send me a message or contact me through Facebook and let us cross that border together with confidence.

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