You Made It!

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In this free webinar, you will discover why changing your bad habits can be difficult for you. And why this makes it harder to lose weight and maintain your weight loss after you accomplish it.

In addition, you will gain a better understanding of why it seems like your body intentionally works against you when you most wish to shed those stubborn pounds.

Learn why something as simple as DECIDING who you want to be, takes away all the striving and straining.

I am Dr. Zelda Okia (Dr. Z). I am a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. I struggled with many of these same issues and frustrations when I began gaining weight as I approached my 40’s.

My grandmother, mother, and aunts were all overweight, so naturally, I believed I would also be. But through working with a coach, I was able to lose weight, feel great, and I am living my best life ever.

I wish to share the power and strength of coaching to help you change your habits so that you gain control over your weight struggles and move forward to even higher levels of greatness. I look forward to sharing an engaging and empowering evening with you.