Smart Decision-Making for Weight Release


October 17 at 6:30pm CST


Common Sense Strategies For Weight Maintenance And Release

This Masterclass will inspire confidence to make quick decisions on successful action steps that make weight loss automatic.

During the class, there will be a deep dive into designing a practice that puts you on the path to your dreams:

  • Creating a Weight Loss Game Worth Playing

    Release control to make space for freedom around food.

  • Accepting Your Unique Journey

    Weight release with more fun, freedom, and flexibility in your life.

  • Emotional Vulnerability that Guides Weight Release

    Release the need to control how weight release manifests for you. Gain courage to practice and receive. Make paths to free blocked emotional energy.

This is a virtual Zoom call in a safe environment with your certified coach, Dr. Z.

After the Masterclass, you will:

  • Gain greater connection to your body and break free from emotional stagnation.
  • Spot negative thoughts and habits that kill the progress you desire.
  • Build Strength to stay committed to your promises.
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