Path to Joy - A Habit Change Workshop

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Path to Joy - A Habit Change Workshop

The Key to a Better Life: Develop Better Habits

During this program, you will discover ways to make changing habits a cinch and eliminate habits that aren't moving you forward. You stay strong and committed during these 6-weeks as new habits create space for possibility.

During the six weeks, there will be a deep dive into designing habits that create a path to your dreams:

  • Habits to Improve Your Relationships

    Learn to use habits to create more time to spend with the people you love.

  • Habits to Release Creative Expression

    Your habits can bring more fun, freedom, and flexibility into your life and improve your skill and expertise.

  • Emotional Eating

    Maintaining power and self-control, especially in the midst of powerful emotions. Courage to receive and release emotional energy.

There are six one on one coaching sessions with Dr. Z. These sessions are completely confidential. It is a virtual call in a safe environment with your certified coach, Dr. Z.

Over a period of six weeks, you will:

  • Discover specific triggers that lead to emotional eating so that you break free of the weight loss and regain cycle
  • Learn to spot negative thoughts and habits that kill motivation, so that you stop the rollercoaster ride of yo-yo dieting
  • Identify what drains your Willpower and build Strength to stay committed to your promise.

Our goal is to create lasting and sustainable change. While not all habits and limiting thoughts can be broken in 6 weeks, you will come away motivated and having the information you need to truly be successful at releasing weight and keeping it off for good.

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