Path to Joy - Building Empowering Relationships Workshop

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Path to Joy - Building Empowering Relationships Workshop

The Key to a Better Life: Develop Better Relationships

During this program, you will discover ways to build up your relationships to empower you and help you move forward. Stay strong and committed during these 6-weeks and transform your relationships as you create space for more possibilities.

During the six weeks, there will be a deep dive into designing mutually beneficial relationships that create pathways towards your dreams:

  • Creating Synergy In Your Relationships

    Maximizing the space to empower yourself and inspire the people you love.

  • Relationships that Release Your Creative Expression

    Build relationships that bring more fun, freedom, and flexibility into your life and improve your ability to connect with others.

  • Allowing Emotion and Vulnerability in Your Relationships

    Release the need for power and control over the people in your life. Gain courage to receive. Make a path for blocked emotional energy.

There are six group coaching sessions with Dr. Z and other participants in the group.
It is a virtual Zoom call in a safe environment with your certified coach, Dr. Z.

Over a period of six weeks, you will:

  • Discover new approaches that lead to greater emotional connection so that you break free of relationship stagnation.
  • Learn to spot negative thoughts and habit patterns that kill the connection you want in your relationships.
  • Identify what drains your Willpower and build Strength to stay committed to your promises.

Our goal is to create lasting and sustainable change that you can take to current relationships and new connections. While not all limiting thoughts and beliefs can be broken in 6 weeks, you will come away motivated and have the information you need to truly be successful at creating and sustaining empowering relationships.

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