Hiding in Plain Sight (II)

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Some drug paraphernalia is so mundane and commonplace, you would not imagine that it is used for drugs. Finding kitchen items in your child’s bedroom should raise a red flag in your mind and make you question why your steel wool pad or Chore boy for scrubbing dishes is in your child’s bedroom. Why are there pieces of aluminum foil … Read More

The Existential Vacuum

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Victor Frankl in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” speaks of an existential vacuum which I believe is at play in the lives of many drug addicted individuals today. It is what drives their desire to numb themselves or fuels a feeling of connection through drugs. The word existential is huge and in the dictionary, it is defined as “concerned … Read More

Why Kids Use Drugs

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There are myriad reasons why kids use drugs. Some may include peer pressure, a curiosity about drugs, a search for something to ease tension and anxiety during social settings such as parties and dances, etc. Yet, in my opinion, the role of the family, the home environment, the action and behaviors of the parents, the family cohesion, and the parental … Read More