Reach Out to the Life that Awaits You

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Last year, I transitioned from death into life. It always gets a chuckle. When people hear that, they think I will share some harrowing near-death experience. Not so dramatic for them. But nevertheless dramatic to me. I left my secure, well-paid, pensioned, government job as a forensic pathologist. To become… a life coach. Why? What was I was looking for? … Read More

When It is Finally Yours

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A poem about Frederick Douglass by Robert Hayden starts with the line: “When it is finally ours…” The poem is about freedom and liberty. But also about opportunity, flexibility, privilege, and abandon. What other words describe the freedom that you seek? What does freedom even mean to you? Hayden’s poem describes liberty as a beautiful, terrible, and needful thing. It … Read More

The Level Where You Play

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Is the level where you play, the level where you stay? The poet Robert Frost has a short poem titled “It Bids Pretty Fair” where he describes a play or performance with an “almost infinite run.” Does it seem like he is talking about life? Often it may feel like you have all the time in the world. I like … Read More

Even Giraffes Know it Takes a Village

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Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland found that unlike males, female Masai giraffes form enduring bonds with other females and this affords them a survival advantage over more solitary giraffes. Additionally, mother giraffes with calves tend to spend time near human settlements with livestock. These mothers likely found that having human neighbors nearby warded off predators like lions … Read More

Are you lost on your journey? “Get found, Kid!”

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“By identifying as a creative person, accepting the world as your canvas, and manifesting your ideas regularly, you intuitively create the life you truly want for yourself. Yes, playing the piano (or whatever your creative energy), makes you better at life.” – Chase Jarvis Many times I hear people who struggle with their weight complain of feeling “invisible.” They are … Read More

Do diets leave you feeling run-down or deprived?

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Sadly, when thinking about going on a diet, many people just focus on feeling deprived. With a focus on this negative feeling, it is not surprising why so many people quit their diets. They are not able to “see” the benefits that weight loss brings. Here is a link to a recent article I wrote The synergy in obesity and cancer. … Read More

Body Weight: The Fifth Vital Sign

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There is so much focus on the four vital signs: body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Yet when going to your doctor’s appointment, the first thing they check before the OTHER vital signs, is your body weight. It would seem to me that it is pretty important – being underweight or overweight is directly related to changes happening … Read More

How could weight loss challenges actually work in your favor?

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How could your biggest weight loss challenges work in your favor? How could your weight journey be an opportunity in disguise? We talk so much about resilience, deprivation, and starvation. Things may seem especially challenging during this time of COVID-19. But how could this be the best time to look for doors of opportunity that this current situation creates for … Read More

What the bodies on my table have told me…

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For the past ten years, I have worked as a forensic pathologist. I watched and listened to many bodies that came across my autopsy table. I “heard” them calling from the inside and out.  These deceased bodies told me a lot! More than I often cared to know. But you know what I heard from them most often? They told … Read More