Fall in Love with Your Life

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I find it interesting how so many of us are prepared to move mountains to reach our goals? Like the weekend warriors who constantly prepare for a fight! Yet too often, buried in that pursuit, is a setup for failure. I instead enjoy and encourage doing something that you love. The warrior may love the battle, but at what cost? … Read More

Create a Game Worth Playing

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Often when I face obstacles in my life, weight loss goals, projects at work, etc. I remember to ask myself: how can I make this into a fun game? How can I make this into my own game worth playing? In his book, The Game of Work, Charles Coonradt describes how so often, we complain about putting in extra effort … Read More

What Is Stopping You From Starting

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What is Stopping You from Starting (and a little poem about dreams) I think back to when I found my mentor coach. It began with my listening to her podcast. I liked the things that she said. Some of her podcasts made me question the things that I was doing and many assumptions made. In one of her first podcasts, … Read More

Sucking the Marrow Out of Life 😊

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Perhaps I left my job in a similar manner as Henry David Thoreau when he left civilization to enter the woods and write his book, Walden. He wanted to experience only the essentials of life. He did not want to discover at the end of his life that he had not lived at all. “I did not wish to live … Read More

Begin Your Journey to Fulfillment

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Hey There!  I see you.  You’ve got a lot going on.  Between holding down a job, raising your family, keeping everything together during the COVID pandemic, I’m guessing that time for yourself is pretty non-existent. Yet, your to-do list keeps growing day after day.  If you are like many of my clients, you want a weight loss program that is … Read More

Reach Out to the Life that Awaits You

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Last year, I transitioned from death into life. It always gets a chuckle. When people hear that, they think I will share some harrowing near-death experience. Not so dramatic for them. But nevertheless dramatic to me. I left my secure, well-paid, pensioned, government job as a forensic pathologist. To become… a life coach. Why? What was I was looking for? … Read More

When It is Finally Yours

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A poem about Frederick Douglass by Robert Hayden starts with the line: “When it is finally ours…” The poem is about freedom and liberty. But also about opportunity, flexibility, privilege, and abandon. What other words describe the freedom that you seek? What does freedom even mean to you? Hayden’s poem describes liberty as a beautiful, terrible, and needful thing. It … Read More

The Level Where You Play

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Is the level where you play, the level where you stay? The poet Robert Frost has a short poem titled “It Bids Pretty Fair” where he describes a play or performance with an “almost infinite run.” Does it seem like he is talking about life? Often it may feel like you have all the time in the world. I like … Read More

Even Giraffes Know it Takes a Village

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Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland found that unlike males, female Masai giraffes form enduring bonds with other females and this affords them a survival advantage over more solitary giraffes. Additionally, mother giraffes with calves tend to spend time near human settlements with livestock. These mothers likely found that having human neighbors nearby warded off predators like lions … Read More

Are you lost on your journey? “Get found, Kid!”

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“By identifying as a creative person, accepting the world as your canvas, and manifesting your ideas regularly, you intuitively create the life you truly want for yourself. Yes, playing the piano (or whatever your creative energy), makes you better at life.” – Chase Jarvis Many times I hear people who struggle with their weight complain of feeling “invisible.” They are … Read More