From Vision to Reality: Embody Your Future Self Now

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What if you believed that you were already enough? What would you say to the stranger that you met on the street? How would you approach your boss to ask for a raise? Would you start that small business that you have been thinking about? How would you prepare to become your future self right now? In Ben Hardy’s book … Read More

Using Micro-rewards for Weight Loss

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Are you someone who likes to plan and finds comfort in having a set schedule for yourself and your family? Do you notice that things around your household run more smoothly when everybody has a plan?I get it.I, too, prefer having a schedule. I function better when I have an agenda. I stick to my food plan much better during … Read More

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

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When coaching clients, I often remind them of this quote, “what gets measured gets managed.” This quote is equally helpful for me as I continuously work to maintain weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I adjusted it slightly to include “what gets measured (and monitored) gets managed.” The quote is attributed to economist and management expert Peter Drucker and highlights … Read More

Food Journaling for Diabetic Support

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We almost missed it. As a weight loss coach, I encourage my clients to keep a food journal of everything they eat during the day. Journaling is a valuable tool for weight loss, especially when paired with weighing yourself daily. It can help you identify trends, understand your body’s normal weight fluctuations, and provide another means to communicate with your … Read More

Rebounding on Good Things

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We tend to focus on the tangibles — the things we can see, touch or feel. What we experience in reality is where our minds focus when we look to make changes.And this is a good thing.You often notice a problem when it is impossible not to notice it. You don’t notice your weight gain until you see yourself in … Read More

Trusting When You Don’t Know the Way

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Life is so richly structured and beautifully designed that you can trust its order, even if you don’t fully know the way. Recently I coached a new mom. She was two weeks into her journey of motherhood and as scared, anxious, and worried as many new moms can be. She was trying hard to do what she thought was “right,” … Read More

Why Scarcity Thinking Leads to Weight Gain

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  Scarcity thinking isn’t just about a lack of resources; it’s also about not trusting yourself. When a scarcity mindset takes hold, you don’t trust you. You don’t trust that you can and will get your needs met — so you hoard stuff. Hoarding can manifest as clutter in your home, excess weight on your body, and a mind filled … Read More


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I have a joke at work that I borrowed from the Forest Gump movie. Forest says that “life is like a box of chocolates 🍫 , you never know what you are going to get.” I say that autopsy is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’ll get. Is it the heart ❤️  today, the lungs … Read More

Lessons from Past Relationships

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I like to compare past and current or future relationships to an estuary. Estuaries are transition zones between where freshwater from a river meets the saltwater of the sea. The mixing of seawater and freshwater releases high levels of nutrients into the water and sediment and makes estuaries some of the most productive natural habitats in the world. For many … Read More

Cultivate Space

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One of the steps in a weight loss journey is learning how to allow and process emotions. You learn how to stay present with your feelings and urges. Often we use food as a means to buffer or escape negative emotions. But when you know how to process your feelings, you find that you no longer need to escape these … Read More