Expanding Boundaries: when “Am I good Enough?” gives way to “I have had enough”

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Ever notice how people with weak boundaries tend to attract needy, non-nourishing, and soul-draining people into their lives? They may gain a secondary benefit by being the caretaker, the hero, or the “savior” to their partner or significant other. But the costs too often outweigh any potential benefit. Problems invariably arise when one of the partners either begins looking elsewhere … Read More

Journey Along the Path to Greatness

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Many people are turned off by the mundane, common, or unimaginative activities of everyday life. They easily tire of going to sleep at the same time every night, cleaning their house on a regular basis, or even staying married to the same partner year after year. In fact, many times, the reason people seek the service of a coach is … Read More

Focus On the WHO Rather than the HOW

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When you want to achieve something great, focus on the WHO rather than the HOW. In the thought model of coaching, it is thoughts that create feelings and feelings that drive action. Yet, when we desire to do something great or make a significant change in our life, we often head straight to the “doing” instead of focusing on “being.” … Read More

How to Use Role-Playing as a Weight Loss Tactic

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The other day at church, in appreciation for the congregation making it to church for new service times, there were donuts available before and after the service. I was tempted to grab one of the donuts, but you know what I did, instead? With a heart full of joy and gratitude, I said to myself “I am so thankful that … Read More

Overweight and Underfed

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Although over half of the US population is overweight or obese, evidence suggests that many still suffer from malnutrition. Being overweight or obese is usually seen as overconsumption of food and dietary excess, but actually, the opposite may be true. An article from Jennifer Kerns, et al titled “Thiamin deficiency in obesity” published in the journal Advances in Nutrition. Vol.6(2) … Read More

Imagine if the Present Were Perfect

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Imagine if the present were perfect.  Do you struggle with being present or accepting your present circumstances? Are you caught in the fantasy of how things will be for you in the future? Or maybe you feel as if your best days are behind you? Boy have I been there. Not very long ago, I was longing for the past, … Read More

Five Tips for Getting Through the Messy Middle

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As promised in last week’s post about the messy middle part of any kind of personal development, here are 5 tips for dealing with it! How often do you set about on a journey of personal development, feeling excited and empowered in the beginning? Yet after a few days, weeks, or months; things start to get difficult? You feel that … Read More

Getting Rid of Weight Scale Drama

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Did you know that what you weigh when you step on the scale is simply a circumstance? Circumstances are things in the world that are factual and beyond our control. Although we take actions that affect our weight, when you stand on the scale, the number should be viewed as neutral because we cannot change it right at that moment. … Read More