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Hey My Sister!

Are you a busy professional woman looking for a weight loss program designed specifically for you and your needs?

A program that takes a holistic approach to your body, your needs, your schedule, and your life?

You know that frustrating feeling of doing all you can to eat properly, exercise, get enough sleep, and yet you continue to see no change in your weight?

Or perhaps, you have experienced some weight loss success on a particular diet or eating plan, only to have the weight return with a vengeance after you finish the diet?

Believe me, I know the struggle.

During my teens and through my twenties, I never worried about my weight. I was naturally thin and engaged in various physical activities including ballet, gymnastics, volleyball, and swimming.

But as I reached my mid thirties and into early forties, I noticed my weight begin to slowly increase and become more difficult to keep it off. 

My first job out of training also did not help. I sat at my desk looking into a microscope for long hours during the day.

The job was also pretty stressful and I found comfort eating muffins and drinking lattes to keep me going through the afternoon.

As I entered my late 30’s, I developed low back pain that eventually led into a ruptured disk that required surgery. I gave up running. In 2008, I changed jobs to forensic pathology.


When I started my job in forensic pathology, I weighed my highest.

I did not look overweight and no one noticed the weight gain, but I noticed, and for me the weight gain was obvious.

Additionally, genetics was not in my favor. My mother, grandmother and aunts were overweight. I figured that my fate was also to be overweight...

But then, in early 2018, I discovered Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School.

I had just published my first book “Zombie Effects” and I was considering working with a writing coach to help me get my second book finished and published. I found a Facebook ad from a writing coach and she mentioned something about working with Brooke Castillo.
I found out that Brooke had a podcast. So I began listening to the podcast. It resonated with me.

She described how our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions which then lead to the results we are getting in our lives.

Brooke also talked a lot about weight loss and avoiding flour and sugar.
So I began to listen to the Life Coach School podcast in January of that year and I began losing weight. Then I joined Self-Coaching Scholars in April and lost over 30 pounds. And have kept the weight off.


Through coaching, I trained my body to desire food for fuel.

I actually now specifically look for foods that will give me the nutrients and energy I need, without the burden of highly refined sugar and flours that raise insulin levels in the body and cause weight gain. High insulin is a key driver that make it so difficult to lose weight.

I started this weight loss journey in January of 2018 and reached my goal weight in April of that year.

I had a fasting blood glucose checked in June and it was 64.  A recent hemoglobin A1c was 4.5%.  Also, my blood pressure came down.  I have experienced so many health benefits from the weight loss. I feel great. I have more energy and I am more focused.
The life and weight loss coaching has brought tremendous benefits to my life. I love how I look in the mirror. I love how my clothes fit on my body. But I have also gained clarity and focus. My confidence has increased tremendously and I am living a more disciplined life. I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine.

If you are on the fence and/or wondering if coaching would help you, I encourage you to do it.

I am currently accepting clients who wish to make significant changes in their lives. You owe it to yourself to find out how working with a coach can give you that boost you need to finally start enjoying that fabulous life you have worked so hard to create.
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