Holding Space: The Sweetest Gift of Love

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I offered this advice to a client, then did it for myself. I asked my client to just sit still and watch her husband. To experience and learn from the unspoken communication that occurs when you simply watch someone in silence without judgment or expectation – this is the gift I was trying to give her. As soon as I … Read More

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

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The Center for Leadership of Afrikan Women’s Wellness is hosting a Virtual Town Hall Meeting as Facebook Live on Sunday May 17 at 4 pm (CST). We will have speakers representing the Cream City Medical Society, the Black Health Coalition, Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, and Asentu Rites of Passage Institute. The goal of the Town Hall meeting is to educate … Read More

Can Pre-Diabetes be Reversed? Clearing the Clutter…

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I like to think of clutter as those extra pounds that many of us carry around on our bodies. Not only may this extra weight hurt our back and joints, but it can also affect our self-image and self-esteem. Obesity is a risk factor for depression. But for some of us, being overweight is a precursor to diabetes. Pre-diabetes does … Read More

Whet the Edge

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I have been thinking about my recent blog post titled “Sharpen the Knife.” I wonder how often I put something out into the world that may be unclear, poorly written, or just overall causes confusion. I remember when I was in a summer program during high school. We were a group of about six girls and six boys, getting used … Read More

Sharpen the Knife

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A quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln states: “if you give me six hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening my ax.” One of the principles in the book, The Seven Lost Secrets of Success by Joe Vitale is “Sharpen the Knife.”  For me, this means that I am constantly striving to become a … Read More

Heartbreak and Black Burnout

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The recent homicides in Milwaukee of this month have shed a striking and palpable light on the breadth and depth of actions that can result from the rising angst of this current age. I read a recent blog post titled, “This is What Black Burnout Feels like” by Tiana Clark. In the blog, she describes how “so many of us … Read More

Are you “Should-ing” Yourself?

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A recent article I read showed that only 1 in 10 overweight or obese adults who were told or encouraged to lose weight by a healthcare provider actually sought help for weight loss. Even though, studies show that those who seek help have better weight loss results and tend to keep the weight off longer than those who don’t. The … Read More