Action Steps towards Your Goals

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 How often do you get “stuck at the border” between your dreams and the reality of how you will reach them. Maria Nemeth describes this beautifully in her book Mastering Life’s Energies. She has an entire chapter titled “Trouble at the Border.” The first quote states: “realizing your dreams and ideas in the physical world entails a border crossing.” Typically, … Read More

How To Get There

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Now that the new year is in full swing and we are already into February, how are you feeling about the goals you set?  Are you still as excited and making forward strides? Or are you feeling discouraged by a lack of progress? You may have started the year with massive action and four or five weeks later, you are … Read More

Where are You Headed in 2019

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One of the things I love doing when I meet a potential client is to ask them how they envision their life will be after they achieve their weight goal. Are they looking forward to wearing a bikini on the beach? Is there a particular item of clothing they are excited to wear? Are they anticipating a new level of … Read More