Making Decisions Ahead of Time

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How many of you have made a decision and acted upon it, only to have your mind confront you about it later. You begin to question yourself, doubt the decision, and wonder if it was the right thing to do. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I took about five pairs of pants to a new tailor and … Read More

Are Negative Emotions Holding You Back

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Many people hide in the “comfort” of food, in an attempt to avoid or escape negative emotions. Maybe something bad happened at their job, somebody said something hurtful to them, or they feel somehow like they did not measure up.  The old internal critic begins to fill their minds with thoughts and they begin to punish themselves. Somehow, at least … Read More

Accepting the New You

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Are you in the process of re-labelling yourself? I am a Forensic Pathologist, but now I am also adding the label of life and weight loss coach. I have struggled with my own weight issues. I remember a sense of hopelessness and resignation navigating my way through the department stores as I went from the “junior” sections, to “women’s,” to … Read More